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Presbyterian Insurance provides coverage for many people in the state. When seeking care, you may need a rehab in Albuquerque that accepts Presbyterian Insurance. Vanguard Behavioral Health accepts Presbyterian coverage. We are an approved provider, recovery center serving the state of New Mexico. There are a few things to know about your coverage.

What Is Presbyterian Insurance?

Presbyterian Insurance offers state insurance and also private insurance. They are the state’s Medicaid agency in addition to offering private policies. At the state level they offer coverage for those who meet specific qualifications. This includes being an New Mexico resident, meeting the threshold as a low-income resident, and being a U.S. citizen, LPR or legal alien.

If you meet these requirements and any others based on age, dependents or disability, reach out to Presbyterian to obtain coverage for your care needs through the agency. Some people who earn about the low-income line may still qualify for Presbyterian insurance coverage at a lower cost.

Vanguard Behavioral Health our team can help you to find out what you can expect in your specific situation. If you think you may be eligible for treatment, reach out to us to learn more.

What Presbyterian Insurance Covers in Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Treatments

Those who obtain Presbyterian insurance should familiarize themselves with their coverage options and limitations. For many people, this insurance will cover the cost or lower the cost of care, including:

Many of the costs incurred during behavioral health treatment may be covered under your insurance. If you’re not sure, reach out to your insurance provider for additional clarification or speak to our admissions team for more information and guidance.

When you meet with our team, we will discuss with you the type of care that may fit your needs. As a drug treatment center in New Mexico that accepts Presbyterian, we understand these policies well and can offer guidance on the type and amount of care available to you through this program.

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As a rehab in New Mexico that accepts Presbyterian Insurance, Vanguard Behavioral Health wants to help you meet your needs. We offer comprehensive treatment, including dual-diagnosis treatment and care designed to meet your mental health and substance use disorder needs. Our Albuquerque, NM treatment center is available to you. Contact us now to learn more about your insurance coverage and how we can help you today.


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