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Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Finding a Reliable Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center Can Be Challenging

Are you or a loved one struggling with substance abuse or addiction issues and mental illness? Many people struggle coping with both situations at the same time. Their mental health issues are so severe that they need specialized care, making it quite challenging to find treatment centers for dual diagnosis that specialize in treating both problems. Getting help with substances and mental health alongside each other is crucial to long term recovery.

It is also very challenging to find the appropriate level of care needed, the appropriate frequency of visits, the right dual diagnosis rehab programs, and treatment providers for patients, which are all necessary for a healthy recovery. Vanguard Behavioral is one of the top dual diagnosis treatment centers in Tucson, specializing in treating addiction and mental illness simultaneously, so you can get help for every issue that feeds into each other. We also have another location in Albuquerque, for your convenience. We can ensure you or your loved ones experience all the benefits of dual diagnosis treatment.

Vanguard offers a variety of programs at our dual diagnosis treatment centers in New Mexico and Arizona:

Our residential dual diagnosis treatment centers provide clients with a caring, compassionate environment where they will receive 24/7 care. This program includes detoxification for those who require it, helping them overcome their addictions to substances including heroin, opioids, methamphetamines, fentanyl, alcohol and more. Our focus on mental health also means any co-occurring disorders such as depression or PTSD will be addressed alongside the care provided for addiction. Our residential program ensures patients receive the full attention and support they need without experiencing guilt or shame. Many members of our staff have spent time in recovery themselves, meaning they know all about the journey and the associated challenges that come with it.

In many cases, overcoming substance abuse and mental health issues doesn’t require 24/7 treatment but does call for a highly structured environment. With our partial hospitalization program, clients commit to being treated for a portion of every day or certain days during the week. This gives them the comprehensive care they need while also allowing them free time to handle their personal responsibilities. Patients return home each night to spend time with loved ones and concentrate on their everyday lives. These treatments are tailored specifically to each patient’s individual needs, ensuring that he or she has the approach that will provide the best chance for success.

Our dual diagnosis intensive outpatient program allows clients to meet with therapists several times per week without the need for full or partial hospitalization. Whether through group sessions or one-on-one counseling, participants learn how to accomplish their wellness goals and cope with their substance abuse and mental health issues as successfully as possible. Our wholly tailored approach to this type of treatment means we work closely with patients to determine the best way to help them, and our professionals are well-versed in dealing with anxiety, trauma and other mental health challenges as well as overcoming addiction.

Dual Diagnosis With Vanguard Behavioral

Can’t find a reliable dual diagnosis treatment center in New Mexico or Arizona? We’ll put an end to your search by providing the best dual diagnosis recovery treatment available. Our team has been providing behavioral health treatment for years and are dedicated to helping as many families as possible. We are here to help you and your family break the cycle of addiction, so your relationships may be healthy again.

Being one of the top residential Tucson dual diagnosis treatment centers, we know that treating both your mental health disorder and substance use disorder together is key to recovery. You can now get the help you need to quit suffering from mental health issues and addiction once and for all, and recover to a healthy and joyful lifestyle without further ado! The primary goal with dual diagnosis rehabilitation is medication management and monitoring, as well as cognitive behavioral therapy. Acting your way into new thinking is not anything new, it has been around for years for a reason! Adding the proper medication or reducing medication dependent on person and situation, is how this is effectively accomplished. Learn more about dual diagnosis treatment by following the link.

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