Recovery & Life Coaching

Recovery & Life Coaching

The Most Reliable Life Coaching

Get help from the best life coaches who are dedicated to helping you overcome your mental duress! We have been in the field for years and have many satisfied clients who have conquered their struggles with us. We assure you that your recovery will be quick and stress-free with insurance options that you can afford and therapy that you can trust.

Everyone deserves to live a life free from addiction, free from fear. With a warm approach as well as tough love, we’re here to offer your family and friends what they need most — reassurance and hope. Get a personalized recovery plan from addiction life coaching professionals at Vanguard Behavioral and make your recovery process sustainable.

There is nothing better than knowing that your loved ones are finally on the path to recovery. They’ll be able to live healthy lives where their relationships with those around them will flourish because of the healthy individual living inside their bodies. Free yourself of guilt today by getting in touch with our addiction recovery coach so we can help connect with your loved ones who want change for themselves.

Every addiction coach in our life coaching team is an expert and can drastically reduce the time needed for recovery by providing personalized addiction recovery coaching that empowers you to re-learn how to live without drugs or alcohol. Whether your addiction concerns drugs or alcohol, it doesn’t matter–our sobriety coaches will teach you how to manage life without them. We also offer treatment for those suffering with a dual diagnosis that includes other mental health concerns.

Vanguard Behavioral Health has two locations offering benzodiazepine addiction treatment in Tucson, Arizona, and Albuquerque, New Mexico.


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