“Drug Rehab Near Me?” Should I stay local or is it better to travel for treatment?

When considering options for drug and alcohol treatment, one of the first questions that comes up is whether or not you should find help near home, or travel to another city for treatment. While there is no easy answer to that question, there are benefits to both.

“How much support do I need?”

The level of support someone needs for their addiction or mental health disorder depends a lot on their current condition and the goals they are trying to accomplish.  If you’ve been using drugs and alcohol and it has impacted your family life or your ability to maintain a job, there’s a chance you may benefit from residential drug treatment. It’s a common pattern that individuals fall into: a period of success, followed by resumed drinking and an inability to maintain the responsibilities that come along with everyday life.

Residential treatment for addiction is where they individual struggling with substance or alcohol use disorder lives in a residential setting and receives 24/7 support for their recovery.  This level of care usually includes full-time or 24-hour nursing, individual and group therapy on a weekly basis, and full medication management services. 

For addiction, medication management isn’t always necessary. However, many individuals who seek treatment with us are struggling with co-occurring disorders, where they have a mental health diagnosis along with substance use disorder.  Individuals challenged with both mental health and addiction benefit greatly from the structured setting of residential treatment.

“What treatment is in my area?”

Depending on where you are the options for drug and mental health treatment may be limited.  In cities like Tucson drug treatment is available at the inpatient, residential, and outpatient levels of care.  Individuals can work with a professional to assess their needs and determine the best level of care, and travel to one of our local facilities to seek treatment.  Our intensive outpatient program (IOP) pairs individuals with a Master’s educated licensed therapist to assist them with everything from addiction to trauma and PTSD to bi-polar disorder. 

With options like Vanguard Behavioral Health in Tucson, traveling may be unnecessary seeing as resources are available across the valley. However, if you’re located in a smaller area that is less populated, resources may be limited.  It may be challenging to even find a therapist, let alone a residential treatment center or outpatient treatment program.  Many times just working with a therapist and living at home is not a sufficient solution to treating addiction or mental health, and a more structured and holistic environment is encouraged.

Living at home and working with a therapist while battling addiction has it’s own host of challenges, which is why we encourage individuals to seek treatment at our residential treatment center or IOP program prior to working with a therapist at home.  As a part of an aftercare plan, ongoing therapy beyond the intense treatment offered at our residential treatment center is almost always recommended. Individuals can continue on their path to wellness beyond the first 90-days of recovery, offering the best opportunity at sustained recovery from addiction.

If you or a loved one is struggling with their mental health or addiction, contact us now for assistance!

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